The Long Range Facilities Planning Committee collaborated with leadership and architectural experts to form a $66 million bond package to:

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    Address Health and Safety Needs

    Several schools in the Crook County School District have locks and security systems in need of repair or replacement. Some schools have parking entrances in need of renovation for traffic safety. 

    The proposed bond measure includes health, safety, and security improvements to Crook County schools. If passed, the proposed measure would allow the district to remove asbestos and improve air quality in all schools with new heating and ventilation systems. 

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    Repair & Update Aging School Buildings

    The average age of a school in the Crook County School District is 56 years. Some schools are over 90 years old that have aging electrical, heating, and plumbing systems. 

    If passed, the bond measure would fund new HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical systems to help reduce costs and provide district-wide energy efficiencies. The proposed bond measure, if passed, would fund new roofs and flooring at some schools; repairs and updates to Ward Rhoden Stadium; and ADA improvements district-wide. 

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    Expand Hands On Learning, Student Opportunities

    Education is changing. Students are now able to seek a variety of college and career pathways through the addition of vocational programs and job training programs. 

    If passed, the proposed bond would expand vocational programs such as agriculture, business, culinary arts, computer science, construction, engineering, manufacturing and technology, graphic design, health science, and natural resources. If passed, the bond would fund updates to performing arts spaces and athletic weight training facilities at Crook County High School. 

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    Relieve Crowded Classrooms, Plan for the Future

    The Crook County School District is experiencing growth in some school communities. If passed, the proposed bond would construct additional classrooms at Steins Pillar Elementary, Powell Butte Elementary, and Crook County Middle School.

Proposed School Project List

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Barnes Butte Elementary | Built in 2015

  • Minor upgrades to reflect actual usage of the school facility, which is slightly different than the original design.
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Brothers Elementary | Built in 1988

  • Install new sports surface on concrete gym floor to improve fall safety.
  • Replace heat pump.
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Crooked River Elementary | Built in 1960

  • Replace roofing on entire building.
  • Replace boilers, add air conditioning and improve ventilation and filtration.
  • Remodel and refresh areas that were not remodeled in 2014, focusing on adequate classroom size, art and music areas.
  • Improve parking lots and security lighting
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Paulina K-8 | Built in 1948

  • Repave east parking area for ADA compliance.
  • Improve playground and equipment.
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Steins Pillar Elementary | Built in 1934

  • Reroof the entire campus complex.
  • Improve heating in most efficient way (100 year-old boiler).
  • Add classrooms to annex building, creating a permanent home for Grizzly Mountain Homelink.
  • Replace windows with more energy efficient options.
  • Minor remodel work to adapt the building to modern learning.
  • Replace the pavement between the gym and South building.
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Powell Butte CCCS | Built in 1930

  • Remove modular structures and add 10 classrooms to expand student capacity.
  • Replace boiler and heating.
  • Redesign pickup, drop off, and bus loading areas to improve traffic flow and safety.
  • Replace septic system to handle needs from growth in enrollment.
  • Focus on security and safety for staff and students.
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Crook County Middle School | Built in 1952

  • Replace roof on educational wings.
  • Replace boilers, add air conditioning, and improve ventilation/filtration.
  • Remodel existing educational wings to gain up to 4 classrooms and improve areas for art, drama and music.
  • Add 10 classrooms and additional cafeteria/multipurpose space.
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Crook County High School | Built in 1996

  • Add additional space for CTE/Shop and Culinary Arts vocational programs.
  • Improve wrestling, weightlifting, and fitness facilities.
  • Refresh finishes and furnishings that are nearly 30 years old, including areas used by art, drama and band.
  • Improve soccer, softball, tennis and baseball facilities with lighting and restrooms for added safety and security.
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Ward Rhoden Stadium

  • Build new public restrooms and concession stand usable by the stadium and baseball.
  • Replace roof over the locker room structure.
  • Remodel interior of stadium.
  • Side exterior of stadium to match metal siding on the ends.
  • New exterior doors.
  • Establish drainage and pave parking lots, including west lot at Crooked River / Head start.
  • Sidewalks as needed.